Natural Stone Veneer is real stone cut from larger pieces of stone into thin veneer approximately 1” to 1-1/4” thick to make the installation of natural stone easier and less labor intensive than the traditional way of installing bulk stone. There is hardly any waste and the stone is conveniently cut into 90 degree corner pieces as well which makes building corners easier and more pleasing to the eye, eliminating excessive mortar joints. Natural Stone Veneers come in a wide selection of stone ranging from fieldstone, ledgestone, river rock, and host of other shapes as well as extensive selection of colors. Natural veneer stone is packaged conveniently in both large and small boxes, flat or corner piece boxes sold separately.


Manufactured Stone is an artificial stone mimicking the look of real stone. This stone is a cement based product that is molded into a look of stone that has a color finish on one side. This has become a very popular product in the last 10 years or so, especially companies such as Owens Corning which manufactures their stone under the product name of Cultured Stone. Cultured Stone is packaged in big and small boxes, in both flat and corner pieces, just like Natural Thin Veneer Stone. Other companies such as Eldorado Stone and Coronado Stone are other few of the other popular producers of manufactured stone.


One of the most popular natural stone paving products to emerge on the market in recent years is tumbled travertine stone. Most of this is mined in Europe and been one of the favorites among uses for pool decks. It has been particularly popular in the Florida market because stone stays a bit cooler in the summer months primarily because of the many choices of lighter colors. This product is cut into about 6 different sizes ranging from a 6”x12” up to the larger 16”x24” piece. The companies producing this product also make a convenient bullnose pool coping that gives the pool deck water edge a functional but elegant finish.


Coral Stone or Coralina Stone is a natural stone that is indigenous to the Caribbean and South Florida. It has a texture with fossil formations from thousands of years of being in marine regions of the world. This naturally occurring stone gives it a look and texture that is unlike any other natural stone. The colors range from off whites to the buff and gold tones, making it a versatile product because of its neutral color tones. This product is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from boulders, flagstone slabs, as well as more finished tile-like pieces in different sizes and thickness. This makes Coralina Stone a great product because of it’s versatility for both wall veneer applications as well as for paving projects. There are custom bullnose pieces available for steps and pool edge details.

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